Would your community group like an easy way to make $900?

You can do that by holding a Fundraiser at the Gympie Sovereign Cinema, with almost nothing to do except sell the tickets.

This is how it works:

Your group chooses a movie for your fundraiser. We are no longer able to allow Fundraisers during the first week of a New Release day/date movie. These are the films that say ‘No Free List’ on the website. You are welcome to choose one of these movies from week 2 OR choose a 2nd run movie that does not say ‘No Free List’. We prefer not to hold fundraisers during the school holidays, as this can make it very difficult for many groups to sell tickets. If your chosen movie date falls during the school holidays, you would need to discuss this choice with Sharon.

Due to new restrictions for both Disney & Paramount films, we can no longer allow Fundraisers for these films. (For Disney films, you could use them in week 3, but we feel this will not be feasible for fundraisers). 

You design a ticket to sell to your customer base so that they have a token of their purchase. We can show you examples.

You need to tell us your ticket price & a phone number for ticket sales which we use on advertising through our website/Facebook page. This phone number needs to have a working messagebank/voicemail, the calls need to be returned, and the number needs to be available to be answered in the last few days prior to the event.

We allow you to sell 150 tickets (we do have a couple more seats up our sleeves!). We charge you $6 for every ticket you sell, which must be paid for on the Fundraiser night. Most groups pay for the tickets out of the cash received from their ticket sales. If you need to pay by cheque, please have one with you on the night.

You can put whatever price you like on the tickets. The usual fundraiser price is $12. We have had groups providing nibblies/supper for which they charge extra. You would need to speak to us about whether you are able to do this.

Your group sells all 150 tickets before the night (hopefully). If your group has managed to sell at least 70 tickets before the event, then any walk ins will be directed to your group for further sales. If your group does not make this target, the Cinema reserves the right to revert the movie to a regular session, allowing us to sell any extra tickets.

To clarify – it is to your advantage for your group to presell the majority of the tickets to make the Fundraiser profitable for both you & the Cinema.

As an added incentive – any groups that sell at least 100 of their tickets (70 in Cinema 2) BEFORE the event, will receive some of our Gift Certificates as a Thank You. These can be used for Lucky door prizes or Raffles, either on the night or for future Fundraising.

Please Note: The best Fundraisers work when the group involved has actively sold all/most of their tickets before the night. You need to actually sell the tickets & collect the money, NOT just advertise on Facebook & hand out fliers. While these are good advertising methods, it doesn’t mean that these people will turn up!!!! A really good method is to hand each of your group/supporters 5-10 tickets each & ask them to bring back the money.

We do appreciate an email about 2-3 days before your event to let us know how ticket sales are going. We usually put up a Facebook post and like to be able to tell people if there are any tickets left.

For this reason, we ask that you have someone here to sell tickets around ½ hour before the movie start time. We also appreciate it if you have 2 people available to check the tickets once the doors open. This is very important as we cannot often do this job ourselves, as we are hopefully frantically selling drinks/popcorn at that point.

You tally up the number of tickets sold, pay us, then head up & enjoy the movie!!

You are also welcome to make announcements, have a raffle or give out Lucky Door prizes on the night. Just let us know about this beforehand, so we can allow you extra time & turn on the appropriate lights for you to do so. You will also need to make sure that everyone is in the cinema before the actual starting time of the movie. Some groups advertise a time that is a little earlier to allow for this.

See how easy it is? Come and talk to us soon.

Please email us with your movie choices and we will confirm availability if possible. Email form Below.